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What is a training process?

The Adler coaching program is a comprehensive course consisting of 12 sessions, during which we collaboratively develop an action plan to help you achieve your goals.

The preparation of this plan typically takes about three sessions. Once the plan is ready, we start working on it.

Throughout this exciting journey, you will naturally encounter obstacles, limiting beliefs, fears, and other factors that have held you back until now.

What typically holds people back?

Of course, it's individual, but based on my years of practice, I can make some generalizations.

The first and foremost enemy of productivity is a loss of faith in oneself, leading to procrastination, apathy, strong dissatisfaction with oneself, and stagnation in many areas of life.

Another common issue is paradigms that keep us stuck within the rigid confines of false beliefs that no longer serve us.

Yet another frequent issue is conflicting desires. For example, wanting to get married while also wanting to remain free, or wanting to be wealthy without putting in the work.

Additionally, there are issues like the lack of skills in planning, time management, relationship management, and communication.

The system I use is based on Alfred Adler's psychological theory, which laid the foundation for modern positive psychology and has proven its effectiveness in practice for over 100 years.

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