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Hi, I'm Dina.

In the past, I worked as a journalist, TV reporter, and host of news, political, and current affairs programs. Later, I spent a considerable amount of time working with politicians both in Israel and abroad. I served as a strategic advisor and press advisor to three prime ministers, six ministers, a dozen Knesset members, and five mayors.

A few years ago, I decided to take all my extensive professional experience and channel it into a new career. That's how I began my journey as a coach.

I started by enrolling at the Adler Institute, where I completed the coach training program, along with several other courses and specializations. I continue to learn to this day because those who work with people must always be learning. I strive to learn from the best.

When you come to me for coaching, you'll find yourself in a safe, supportive, and inspiring environment. You'll meet a coach who knows how to listen but also confidently and effectively guides you towards your goals by changing your thinking patterns, refining your paradigms, and instilling new habits.

I am a member of the Israeli Coaching Association and hold an ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


What else is here for me?

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